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LLC Formations

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Standard Filing $75 Plus State Fees.  **NOW ONLY $45**
 If Express Filing Is Not Selected Your LLC Will Be Formed Using Standard Filing Service. (Average Formation Time 3-5 Weeks) 
Express Filing With Express Filing Your LLC Will Be Formed In An Average Of 1-5 Business Days (Depending On State).  To Use Express Filing Select
The State Of Formation.

Fees Are In Addition To Standard Filing Fees.
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LLC Formation Package

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LLC Accessories (An LLC Must Maintain Certain Records Which Include An Operating Agreement.. Any Of The Following Kits Will Provide You With All The Necessary Items To Meet These Requirements.) Highly Recommended For All New LLC'S.

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By Pressing The "Incorporate" Button Below You Are Acknowledging That Parcorp Services, Its Employees And Agents Have Not Provided Any Legal, Tax Or Financial Advice And That The Information Provided Above Is Accurate. You Further Authorize Parcorp Services And/Or Its Employees Or Agents To Form This Business Entity On Your Behalf By Acting As Incorporator Or Organizer Of The Business. *PAYMENT OPTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE*

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LLC Formations


  Important Form Instructions:
  • To avoid delay, fully complete all required fields..
  • Click the button for helpful hints where available.
  • Total charges will appear at the bottom of the form.

Contact Information  (Must include email address)

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  Parcorp as Registered Agent  Add $209  (annual fee) or
  The individual listed below will act as the Agent. (no charge)
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Optional Services and Accessories
Standard Filing $75 Plus State Fees.  **NOW ONLY $45**
 If Express Filing is not selected your LLC will be formed using Standard Filing Service. (average formation time 3-5 weeks) 
Express Filing With Express Filing your LLC will be formed in an average of 1-5 business days (depending on State).  To use Express Filing select
the State of Formation.

Fees are in addition to Standard Filing Fees.
  Add  $100  in AL, DE, DC, MD, ME, NM, TX
Add  $125  in AK, CA, MI, NY, OK, UT
Add  $175  in GA, HI, IL, NC, NV, OH, PA, VA
Add  $85    in all other States
LLC Formation
NEW - Add $125   Save over 10% by ordering our  incorporation package. Package includes all the essential items of a new
LLC formation  including  the Standard LLC  Kit with Company Seal, Full Tax ID Service and the LLC forms package. 

Other Services
  $35.00  Overnight delivery of Confirmation from State
$25.00  Federal Tax ID Application (Prep only)  faqbt.gif (1155 bytes)
$50.00  Complete Tax ID Service (Prep & Filing)faqbt.gif (1155 bytes)
$45.00  Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation
LLC Accessories (An LLC must maintain certain records which include an Operating Agreement.. Any of the following kits will provide you with all the necessary items to meet these requirements.) 
Highly recommended for all new LLC\\'s.
  $89.00  Standard Corporate Kit w/Seal (plus $12 S&H)faqbt.gif (1155 bytes)
$99.00  Associate Corporate Kit w/Seal  (plus $12 S&H)faqbt.gif (1155 bytes)
$109.00  Executive Corporate Kit w/Seal  (plus $12 S&H)faqbt.gif (1155 bytes)
Shipping Information
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Standard Fee:  $  75.00 **NOW ONLY $45**
State Fees:  $
Total Charges:  $ Includes Additional Items Selected
  *Sales Tax may be added for Illinois Residents.
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Miscellaneous Info
Authorization & Approval
By pressing the "Incorporate" button below you are acknowledging that Parcorp Services, its employees and agents have not provided any legal, tax or financial advice and that the information
provided above is accurate. You further authorize Parcorp Services and/or its employees or agents to form this business entity on your behalf by acting as incorporator or organizer of the business.