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Erika Jayne

SEO Specialist

Erika Jayne

Most gardens consist of a mix of natural and constructed although even very ‘natural’ gardens are always an inherently artificial creation. Natural elements present in a garden principally.
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Educational Experience

Professional experience is an essential aspect of career development. It includes the various roles and responsibilities that an individual holds in their job. The more experience a person has, the more valuable they become to an organization. Experience brings with it a wealsd


Junior Technician

2022 – Present (Open)


Business Expert

2019-2021 (Envato)


Finance Manager

2017 – 2019 (Netflix)


Junior Consultant

2012 – 2016 (Canva)

Professional Skills

Professional Skills can also have a profound impact on decision-making. Individuals with more Professional Skills can draw from their past skill to make informed decisions, weigh the pros and cons, and anticipate potential outcomes. This ability to make sound decisions

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