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Federal Law requires all corporations to maintain corporate records.  Our Corporate and LLC Kits are designed to alleviate much of the research and document preparation time usually associated with these tasks.


20 Customized Stock Certificates printed on high quality paper 24 lb thickness with watermark
Customized Corporate/LLC Kit Binder
Stock/Membership Transfer Ledger
Matching Slipcase (if applicable)
Plain Minute Paper/Printed Minutes & Bylaws or Operating Agreement on Minute Book Paper
1 5/8” Corporate Embossing Seal,

Our seals are guaranteed for life

Six Position Corporate Tabs or Five for LLC’s
Special Corporate Minutes & Bylaws or Special Operating Agreement Pre-Printed



Standard Kit Incorporation Kit

Standard Kit $79.00

Our most popular Kit. 

This Corporate Kit has a Vinyl 3 “D” locking ring Minute Book Binder with Matching Slipcase contains handy label holder on the spine contains a gold leaf insert with the Company Name

Associate Incorporation Kit

Associate Kit $89.00

New Improved Inside Pocket. The Associate Kit has the added value of the 3 “D” locking ring, which holds your documents neat and flat which provides less wear and tear on the paper, in addition to eliminating unsightly rivets on the spine. The inside cover has our exclusive pocket to hold additional papers, CD and 2 Business Cards.
Available in Burgundy & Green.


Executive kit Incorporate

Executive Kit $99.00

THE TRUE EXECUTIVE KIT is a Rugged, Extra Strength Binder with Durable Metal Hinges, which will last a lifetime. The Name of the Entity is Hand Embossed in gold on a rounded spine. This Binder is attractively detailed in gold and comes with a matching slipcase. Available in Burgundy & Black.

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